On doing nothing in particular and enjoying it anyway…


I was looking through my pictures on my phone and I found this one and I couldn’t help but smile. The above picture is one I took a couple of months ago when I went to visit my family during a break from university. My two dogs are getting older and enjoy sleeping a lot more than they are used to. Plus, they don’t see me as often as they used to and so they have no qualms about monopolising my time! I was doing nothing except being a pillow for them and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

In this hectic world where every single minute is under intense pressure to be productive we may often forget just how wonderful it is to enjoy the moments where there is nothing that requires our immediate attention. Moments when we can simply take a breather from the often frantic pace of life and remember just what it is we work so hard for.

I often think to myself, ‘What is the point of living with unnecessary stresses when life is too short to begin with?’ It’s moments like in the picture above where I think ‘What a shame it is that some people cannot enjoy a brief moment of relaxation because they think it’s wasting time!’

No, these brief moments are not wastes of time!

They are the times where we can spend time enjoying the company of others or just our own company, to read and to write, to watch some TV, to plan new dreams and adventures, to relish in a day’s work well done or to have a moment to recover from a day that may not have gone to plan.

I never used to appreciate moments where I could take a break from everything until I saw just how sublimely content my parents are to simply drink a cup of coffee whilst sitting down after a hard day’s work.

I know that I will one day look back on my life and how simple it has been and wish to return to my carefree youth. I know that one day I’ll have an even greater appreciation for the quiet moments in life. Quiet moments sitting with my parents, being a pillow for my dogs or simply feeding my parrot cereal from my bowl. I dare say that I feel like this at times already!

What do you all think? How do you all like to spend your quiet moments? I would very much like to learn about what people cherish most during their moments of relaxation. ๐Ÿ™‚


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