Poetry: And Maybe

And Maybe

Perhaps we shall walk together on an autumn day,
When the sun looms high and bright above our heads,
When the air is crisp and the trees begin to sleep,
And my gloved hand will lay gently within yours,
And maybe a smile will play upon your lips,
And maybe then a smile will play on mine.

Perhaps we shall huddle together against the wrath,
Of a winter’s night as the wind howls against the sky,
Covered in stars though they may be hidden from our eyes,
And together then we would find that much needed warmth,
And maybe a smile will play upon your lips,
And maybe then a smile will play upon mine.

Perhaps we will welcome the spring together,
And the New Year will bring life to us anew,
The air will be sweet, like those newly opened eyes,
And we will greet the ending of our youth.
And maybe a smile will play upon your lips,
And maybe then a smile will play upon mine.

Perhaps we will grow old together,
And the summer will shine bright upon your silver hair,
The warmth would seep within our tired bones,
And the evenings would stretch out before us.
And maybe a smile will play upon your lips,
And maybe then a smile will play upon mine.

And perhaps the years will come and go,
Until in sleep you are no longer by my side,
And, wide awake, I’ll remember the joy I felt with you,
And I will wait until I’m tired enough to join you.
And I’ll remember the smile that played upon your lips,
As that smile wavers upon mine.

(Copyright 24/11/2014 by Chanel Martin Ramirez. All rights reserved.)

Video that inspired this poem! It is a lovely song called Maybe by the pianist Yiruma (I do not own a single thing with regards to this video and its content).


On the Simple Things that Make a Person Feel Valued…

Something happened today that reminded me of how it is often the simplest things that can make a person feel cared for and it ia the simplest things that show that a person is a genuinely good person. In my opinion for example, no matter how kind and affable someone might appear to be, if they treat service staff (by this I am referrign to, for example, waiters, cleaning operatives etc) as though they are some sort of personal slave (such as clicking their fingers at them in order to garner their attention or treaating them in an extremely rude manner for things beyond their control), then I must say that I would call into question that person’s integrity of character. Simple patience and respect for others is a truly beautiful thing.

Now, today a friend and I had agreed to meet up in order to go for a walk and to catch up. This is something we had discussed doing during the week and, as such, I was quite looking forward to it. I texted her today to ask if she was still up for a walk and we agreed to go out later in the day. The hours passed and I hadn’t heard from her and it soon got dark. I was definitely not upset but I was a little concerned over why she did not contact me.

And then I got a call from her.

She was very apoogetic but explained that her father had asked to see her today and she ended up spending the afternoon travelling to and from where he lived in order to spend some time with him. This reason I completely understood since I am very close with my parents too. The thing is, I was just so very happy that she took the time to actually give me a call (not a text or a hasty explanation the next time we saw each other) to tell me why it was she couldn’t go on our walk. It felt so nice to be shown that I mean enough to her to warrant a simple phone call and an explanation. It was also a gesture of common courtesy that I believe is often forgotten when we form close relationships with others.

Poetry: On Cynicism

This is a poem I wrote that is directly linked to my recent post ‘On Cynicism’ and the conversation I briefly described in it so I would suggest reading that post in order to contextualise this material.

My Friend Once in Confusion Saith

My friend once in confusion saith,
“I just do not understand,
How you can have so little faith,
In your own fellow man.”

“The heart does love, the heart is kind
And the spirit good”, said she,
“You are not cold, you are not blind
For surely you love me.”

My mouth could not fight off a smile,
Considering my reply,
I said, “Come, sit with me awhile,
There’s no need to decry.

Of course I love you well my friend,
That is nothing if not true,
But what you speak of does not end,
With thoughts of me and you.

A cynic seems so strange to you,
A dark spectre in the night.
Someone who seems to misconstrue,
A human’s natural light.

Friend, I have this to say to you,
That’s mistaken and it’s plain,
We focus on the dark, it’s true,
But the light will still remain.

Tell me how you can see a light
Without darkness by its side?
How do you ever know what’s right
Without wrong to turn the tide?

Consider all of humankind,
Unseeing and yet not blind,
Hearts are flame and ice combined,
And by this we are defined.

Yes, forever set in stone to stun,
For me this is the case:
For every goodly deed that is done
More sins will take their place.

For everything that’s done that’s kind,
Brutality will repay,
For every bit of good inside,
A heart can go astray.

And although change comes round the bend,
People never seem to learn,
From purest light we can descend,
And doubt remains to burn.

But don’t think we don’t care at all,
No, that view is out of touch,
To live we’ve had to build this wall,
We care but far too much.

And do not get me wrong my friend,
Life’s joys are worth the fight,
Within darkness we can ascend,
Life’s worth it for the light.

In this precious world we have right here,
Love and kindness run so deep,
Yes, this is a concession dear,
It’s one I hope to keep.

The idealists and the cynics,
Bound we are by a tether,
Counting the minutes passing by,
We can brave this storm together.”

Hope this poem gives everyone a bit of food for thought!

Copyright 01/11/2014 by Chanel Martin Ramirez. All rights reserved.

On Cynicism…

It’s been a while but I’m glad to be writing again!

This post comes as the direct result of numerous discussions I have been having with my flatmates.

(Something similar to the in depth discussion my brother and father where having in this photo)

Throughout the past three months of living with my friends at university, it has become incredibly clear that there is something that we cannot unanimously agree on. That thing was the goodness of humanity. It’s not that any of us deny its existence: we all agree that it is a very real thing. Human beings are capable of amazing, kind and loving things and we all agreed that to deny this is to do humankind a great disservice.

No, what we disagreed on was not whether or not human goodness existed at all but instead whether or not it was greater than humanity’s capacity for great evil and whether either of these two qualities were innate in human beings.

It seems as though my house is full of cynics, myself more or less inclined to cynicism but not as much as some of my housemates. Whilst we understand and do not deny that goodness is indeed an incredibly powerful thing, we don’t really seem to be swayed by ideas of innate goodness or evil, just an innate sense of self-preservation that takes on many different forms. We also do not seem to be very trusting or hopeful of humanity in general although, that being said, I really do hope that this is simply a phase. It would be a shame to have such a bleak outlook forever.

I would very much like to express my own feelings on the matter since I cannot really speak for my friends. Their views are most certainly their own and I feel as though I wouldn’t be able to do them justice.

I see humanity as it’s very own dichotomy. We are both capable of good and of evil and yet neither of these things can truly define us completely on their own. In my mind, at the risk of sounding dramatic or cliché, we cannot know the true value and wonder of the good we can all do without first appreciating both our individual and mass capability for evil just as we cannot truly know light without dark.

Take this photo of the moon (pardon the quality). We wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate its beauty without the darkness of the night sky. The two go hand in hand.

It is from this idea that I have offered my more optimistic flatmate a concession. That although humanity seems rife with ‘bad’, the ‘good’ that we can and have the potential to do is so amazing that it is worth all the pain and disappointment.

I will admit that I am very untrusting of people, that I am pretty much untrusting of everyone except my parents. I will admit that I find it easy to be fond of and to love persons, but harder to love people. I admit that I often find myself with no hope for humanity at all because for every good thing that’s done it seems as though more evil is done alongside it. I admit that when faced with all the evil in the world and my own failings this hopelessness seems to be unending because, as humankind, we don’t seem to learn from past mistakes. I admit that for every story of kindness I hear about, I wonder if the act was really as selfless as it seemed. All this I admit and I know that I am just as worthy of the harshness I look upon the world with because I am far from a perfect human being.

But (and it’s a very big but), when I feel just how much my parents love me, the joy of laughing together with my friends or the amazingly kind and loving things that people can do for one another, I don’t find myself feeling all that hopeless anymore. I find myself caring for and loving every single person and creature and plant upon this great Earth of ours and, for a person that leans towards the cynical, that’s an incredibly hard thing to get my mind around. It’s often thought that cynics don’t care about the world or the people in it, but in my mind I think we care too much.

So, with all of the above in mind, I think it’s so important for us all to maintain a healthy dose of cynicism and scepticism and idealism and belief in our daily lives so that we can continue to feel awed by the good we are all capable of but not feel so crushingly disappointed when we fall short.