Poetry: For the Love of the Stars

I have found that I have become rather smitten with sonnets and so I am experimenting with different styles! This is my own little take on a Petrarchan sonnet.

For the Love of the Stars

Tell me, do you think stars know how to love?
To take all Love’s joys and all its ire,
To feel warmth and joy that does not tire,
From down below they seem too high above.
Is Love something that stars are empty of?
They are so distant and all seems dire,
Yes, they know a life of ice and fire,
But do they all know what it means to love?

Alas such is my dearest love for you,
Although quite far you see it still shines bright,
It remains always changing but the same,
Always as one but never quite as few,
Armies across the darkness of the night,
Love’s reflection is something stars can claim.

Copyright: Chanel Martin Ramirez (09/03/2015). All rights reserved