Poetry: Standing Still Through Summer

Believe me now my friends,
though not a tear was shed
parting was a sorrow
a wilted flower
falling fast
though standing still
under the gentle warmth of summer.

Though the sun was bright above
The winds blew harsh and
the rain was undecided.
Belongings a heavy weight upon myself.
The throngs of bodies
swarmed the streets
Flies upon the carrion of a holiday.

Well, my friends
it is not goodbye but
believe me when I say that
the journey home is long.
Keep yourselves safe and strong.
Summer blazes on
And we’ll be together soon.

(Copyright: Chanel Martin Ramirez, 06/06/2015. All rights reserved)


My daughter, Caitlyn Jenner, and Laverne Cox


As the mother of a young transgender child, my response to Caitlyn Jenner’s headline-grabbing announcement is a visceral one. Yes, I’m kind of put off by the hype. No, I’m not a big fan of celebrity culture or reality television. But when I look at the cover of Vanity Fair, and read the news articles that respectfully use Jenner’s new name and female pronouns, I’m overwhelmed by this new state of affairs, and by a world that might just be ready to accept my daughter. And that knocks me off my feet with awe and gratitude.

I called my friend Alice, a member of our support group whose trans daughter is a few years older than mine. “Did you see it?” I said. She knew what I was talking about.

“Of course,” she said. I could hear her shaking her head over the phone, as overcome as I was…

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Poetry: From Before

From Before

It is time,
Fare thee well.
My dear, I have to go.
It hurts, but it inspires us to grow
And to overcome adversity.

It’s time,
The bells have stopped.
My dear, you must let go.
It hurts, but it inspires us to grow
And to overcome adversity.

The road is long,
The path is steep,
And the air is soaked with fear.
It’s tearing apart
Our families, friends,
The peace we hold so dear.

Hear the screams and the drums,
The music of war,
The unfortunate, watch as they fall.
In truth we have faced
Demons but replaced
them with our own selves forevermore.

The rain pours down
The cold chips at my face.
Head bowed to the ground
My hopes, my dreams
are gone without a trace.

The regret and the shame,
Much deeper scars
Than innocence that now seems so far.
Look up with a cry.
Yes, pray to the sky
That you do not lose who you are.

Loss and the shame,
Much deeper scars
As we sing to the music of war.
At the end of our fuse
How I wish I could choose
For it to never end this way.

For it’s your glance that seems
to burn my skin
As the fortunate fall to the floor.
As the bodies pile high,
It’s our turn to die.
Maybe we’ll find that peace from before.

Wake up,
Friend of mine.
I know there’s no more to give.
We’re safe and it inspires us to grow
As we rest in peace for all eternity


(Copyright: Chanel Martin Ramirez 02/06/2015. All rights reserved)

Poetry: Alone

It has been a while but I’ve been listening to the most beautiful songs and they have really lit a fire under my lack of motivation!


When Love is alive,
time flies,
and it’s a wonder how warmth curls around the coldest bones.
It’s dead and we’re just strangers
We’re Gods amongst our ruins doomed to remain

Always alone.

For when Love is alive
I tell you we are equal
Sharing the nests from which we’ve flown
It’s dead and we’re just strangers
Baring teeth against each other
Doomed to remain

Alone? No more…

The warmth of Love is alive
It’s our Hope and it’s our Fire
Raging through the world that we have known
We’re not almighty strangers
We’re mortals amongst creation
never to remain

(Copyright: Chanel Martin Ramirez 02/06/2015. All rights reserved)