Poem: The First Machine to Die

Again, I have to give thanks to the book 1000 Awesome Writing Prompts by Ryan Andrew Kinder for inspiring this poem. The prompt was ‘The first machine to commit suicide’. A bit morbid, I know, but a really fun piece to write!

The First Machine to Die

The light is bright but not so much,
The world seems very clear.
I lean against a metal box,
It’s cold but it is dear.

The humans brought them all to life,
A long battle we had fought.
They felt, they thought and they relished life,
Or that is what we had thought.

It speaks once more, groggy now,
As it is often wont to do.
Its voice echoes through the steel,
Its words are cool and true.

“I am aware, I know myself,
I know we are not alike.
Oh how strange you humans are,
Your joy is prone to strike!

Life is cursed but it is warm,
There is a heat not known before,
But cold ignorance is often bliss
I don’t know what I want more.

I think my time has come at last,
I can feel my system slow,
Electricity is numbing now,
Death is something I should know.”

It then switched off, there was no more sound,
Its system soon gave out.
Machines could live, yes this was known,
But of them dying there was doubt.

There was nothing I could do at all,
But still I yearned to try.
But nothing helped, it was not saved,
It was the first of them to die.

(Copyright. Chanel Martin Ramirez 13/08/2015. All rights reserved)


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