Within the Belly of a Snake

Hey guys! This one has been inpired by all the long journeys I often take between Edinburgh and London. Not quite sure why I have only just written a piece on this topic now but I suspect it has a lot to do with the fact that the last round of journey’s were quite bittersweet.

Hope you enjoy the piece anyway!

Within the Belly of a Snake

I find myself within
the belly of a great snake.
He grumbles and groans,
roars and moans,
like a storm upon a lake.

How strange it is the comfort here,
It’s warm and kind with him,
The destination’s known,
To journey, to roam,
He carries me safe within.

The snake twists along his narrow road,
And yet I hardly feel him move,
Yet as I turn and shift,
Restless and stiff
His journey is nought but smooth.

The weather will always phase him,
The years may pass quite slow,
But as long as he’s looked after,
As long as there’s no disaster
He will never be laid low.

How funny it is, I muse to myself,
That our differences are few,
We know deeply what is sorrow,
We never know what will come tomorrow
But joy is ever present too.

And when he leaves me at my stop,
I look him over, sweet and fond,
And though he’ll never know of me,
Though our parting is meant to be
The journey has made a bond.

I go on my merry way,
And really it’s for the best
Because after stations and stops,
after hills and their drops
The train can finally rest.

(Copyright, Chanel Martin Ramirez, 11/10/15. All rights reserved.)


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