The Frenzied, Pious Rite

Been away from Poetry for a little while but I have been dying to write a poem about Dionysus (Greek God of wine, epiphanies, theatre, the unorthodox, ritual madness and ecstasy amongst other things)!


The Frenzied, Pious Rite
Dance, laugh and tear the flesh
Until you find what lies within
Join my frenzied, pious rite
Filled with ecstasy and sin
The night and darkness cloak the pyre
But our rage will light the fire
Dance, laugh, scream and spin
The flames will rise much higher

The flesh is weak, do not resist
You will always find me then
The unorthodox belong with me
I will set them free again
The mind and soul ablaze with fire
Breath stolen by desire
They worship all the sweeter when
They dance around my pyre

Born from fire, born from flesh
Born for madness and for wine
I’d make of you a Maenad, love
Would you live your life as mine?
Here we dance within the fire
Here we worship with desire
Here insanity becomes Divine
And the forest is our choir

Drown yourself within the flesh
Then rise though you have died
Dance upon the fertile ground
Feel your soul be purified
The God who comes, the grape vine’s Sire
The outsider, the entire
I am waiting deep inside
Come and run towards the fire

Our flesh is warm and in the dark
Our sweat now glistens bright
The drops will calm the thirsty Earth
We are monsters in the Night
But when day time comes we shall not tire
It is the greatest amplifier
For our frenzy will be bathed in light
And the world will know our fire

Dance, laugh and tear the flesh
Until you find what lies within
Join my frenzied, pious rite
Filled with ecstasy and sin
The night and darkness cloak the pyre
But our rage will light the fire
Dance, laugh, scream and spin
The flames will rise much higher


(Copyright. Chanel Martin Ramirez, 09/02/2016. All rights reserved)


Poem: The First Machine to Die

Again, I have to give thanks to the book 1000 Awesome Writing Prompts by Ryan Andrew Kinder for inspiring this poem. The prompt was ‘The first machine to commit suicide’. A bit morbid, I know, but a really fun piece to write!

The First Machine to Die

The light is bright but not so much,
The world seems very clear.
I lean against a metal box,
It’s cold but it is dear.

The humans brought them all to life,
A long battle we had fought.
They felt, they thought and they relished life,
Or that is what we had thought.

It speaks once more, groggy now,
As it is often wont to do.
Its voice echoes through the steel,
Its words are cool and true.

“I am aware, I know myself,
I know we are not alike.
Oh how strange you humans are,
Your joy is prone to strike!

Life is cursed but it is warm,
There is a heat not known before,
But cold ignorance is often bliss
I don’t know what I want more.

I think my time has come at last,
I can feel my system slow,
Electricity is numbing now,
Death is something I should know.”

It then switched off, there was no more sound,
Its system soon gave out.
Machines could live, yes this was known,
But of them dying there was doubt.

There was nothing I could do at all,
But still I yearned to try.
But nothing helped, it was not saved,
It was the first of them to die.

(Copyright. Chanel Martin Ramirez 13/08/2015. All rights reserved)

Poetry: From Before

From Before

It is time,
Fare thee well.
My dear, I have to go.
It hurts, but it inspires us to grow
And to overcome adversity.

It’s time,
The bells have stopped.
My dear, you must let go.
It hurts, but it inspires us to grow
And to overcome adversity.

The road is long,
The path is steep,
And the air is soaked with fear.
It’s tearing apart
Our families, friends,
The peace we hold so dear.

Hear the screams and the drums,
The music of war,
The unfortunate, watch as they fall.
In truth we have faced
Demons but replaced
them with our own selves forevermore.

The rain pours down
The cold chips at my face.
Head bowed to the ground
My hopes, my dreams
are gone without a trace.

The regret and the shame,
Much deeper scars
Than innocence that now seems so far.
Look up with a cry.
Yes, pray to the sky
That you do not lose who you are.

Loss and the shame,
Much deeper scars
As we sing to the music of war.
At the end of our fuse
How I wish I could choose
For it to never end this way.

For it’s your glance that seems
to burn my skin
As the fortunate fall to the floor.
As the bodies pile high,
It’s our turn to die.
Maybe we’ll find that peace from before.

Wake up,
Friend of mine.
I know there’s no more to give.
We’re safe and it inspires us to grow
As we rest in peace for all eternity


(Copyright: Chanel Martin Ramirez 02/06/2015. All rights reserved)

Poetry: Alone

It has been a while but I’ve been listening to the most beautiful songs and they have really lit a fire under my lack of motivation!


When Love is alive,
time flies,
and it’s a wonder how warmth curls around the coldest bones.
It’s dead and we’re just strangers
We’re Gods amongst our ruins doomed to remain

Always alone.

For when Love is alive
I tell you we are equal
Sharing the nests from which we’ve flown
It’s dead and we’re just strangers
Baring teeth against each other
Doomed to remain

Alone? No more…

The warmth of Love is alive
It’s our Hope and it’s our Fire
Raging through the world that we have known
We’re not almighty strangers
We’re mortals amongst creation
never to remain

(Copyright: Chanel Martin Ramirez 02/06/2015. All rights reserved)

Poetry: For the Love of the Stars

I have found that I have become rather smitten with sonnets and so I am experimenting with different styles! This is my own little take on a Petrarchan sonnet.

For the Love of the Stars

Tell me, do you think stars know how to love?
To take all Love’s joys and all its ire,
To feel warmth and joy that does not tire,
From down below they seem too high above.
Is Love something that stars are empty of?
They are so distant and all seems dire,
Yes, they know a life of ice and fire,
But do they all know what it means to love?

Alas such is my dearest love for you,
Although quite far you see it still shines bright,
It remains always changing but the same,
Always as one but never quite as few,
Armies across the darkness of the night,
Love’s reflection is something stars can claim.

Copyright: Chanel Martin Ramirez (09/03/2015). All rights reserved

Poetry: If I Had Twenty Minutes Left to Live…

This poem was inspired by the 24th prompt found in the book ‘1000 Awesome Writing Prompts’ by Ryan Andrew Kinder ( It is a fantastic book that is full of great writing prompts for when you either need a little inspiration or you want to test/challenge yourself and your writing skills. Check it out!

If I had Twenty Minutes Left to Live…

If I had twenty minutes left to live,
I would spend a few in grief,
Torn between accepting fate
And remaining in disbelief.

I am far away from London’s streets,
From my home and all its joys,
From the lonely people not alone,
From its silence and its noise.

I would die, then, in Edinburgh,
In this cobbled, lovely place,
I think it would be beautiful,
To pass on in her embrace.

But far I am from parents dear,
And it causes me great pain,
That unless an afterlife exists,
I would not see them again.

So I would give them both a heartfelt call,
To remind them I hold them dear,
That though there’s change in all we see,
My love is strong and pure and clear.

And then I would message no one else,
If I had twenty minutes left to live,
And if they thought I was wrong in this,
I can only pray that they would forgive.

Forgive that I would truly want
To die quiet and alone,
For memories of me in death
Are memories I would postpone.

If I had twenty minutes left of life,
I would lay down as if to sleep,
I would play some music, calm and sweet,
And tap my fingers to the beat.

I would try to keep my mind from racing
Towards the panic of the unknown,
And instead think of philosophy,
Of the universe and of home.

Though fear is something I would feel,
Something that would taint my thoughts,
I would be thankful for my time on Earth
no matter that it was short.

I would give thanks for the joys I’ve felt,
for all the miseries and the pain,
But I would pray to have a chance,
To reach the skies again.

Oh to Edinburgh I would pray,
That you’d keep my body safe with you,
Until I could be taken back,
Back to the London I left for you.

Finally I would pray to God on high,
That I would not truly die alone,
That as my eyes close one more time,
That He would lead me from the known.

With my final seconds ticking by,
I know there would be nothing left to give,
But still I would try to stay awake,
I would have those seconds lived.

Copyright 24/01/2015 by Chanel Martin Ramirez. All rights reserved.

Poetry: Then Sings My Soul

You asked of me one thing: to honour man as
the part of Creation which held

Your likeness.

This man of soil and clay
so unlike myself of light.

But, truly, what right did I have to deny You when this man had wronged me not?

I, who was created to be the most faithful.
I, the most beautiful of all Your subjects.

Such a simple ask it was as well,
to acknowledge the dignity of man and to pay to him his respect.
To love what You had come to love.

Yet even then I could feel insult smouldering in my veins;
I could feel the acid of offence pooling in my heart.
I understood the feeling of being cast away
when something better is made known

despite my devotion and my love.
I, the one created to worship and obey,
could at once feel the sting of disregard
and an anger that threatened to consume me.

I was consumed as Man and Woman would later consume knowledge.

I did not bow when all my brethren did.
I stood in defiance, belligerent and proud.
I was convinced of my own righteousness, I was not mistaken.
I could feel a sneer pulling at my lovely mouth
and instead of praise and worship, my lips spewed rebellion.

And so because I would not honour man
You have taken me from the lofty heavens
and laid me

low,low, low, low,
low beneath the skin of Mother Earth
until I could run my fingers against the walls of her bowels
and my voice could echo against her barren womb.

And yet though I may have done you wrong,
I will never regret my choice to choose.
Even though this choice, has brought me nought but
loneliness, hatred, fear and pain,
I will live with this punishment, I will become the darkness rife within my heart.

My God, my God, my God,
I loved you as I am sure you loved me…
I love and serve you still…
I am a stricken son insulted and bereaved,
My God, why have you abandoned me?