Poetry: If I Had Twenty Minutes Left to Live…

This poem was inspired by the 24th prompt found in the book ‘1000 Awesome Writing Prompts’ by Ryan Andrew Kinder (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24198771-1-000-awesome-writing-prompts). It is a fantastic book that is full of great writing prompts for when you either need a little inspiration or you want to test/challenge yourself and your writing skills. Check it out!

If I had Twenty Minutes Left to Live…

If I had twenty minutes left to live,
I would spend a few in grief,
Torn between accepting fate
And remaining in disbelief.

I am far away from London’s streets,
From my home and all its joys,
From the lonely people not alone,
From its silence and its noise.

I would die, then, in Edinburgh,
In this cobbled, lovely place,
I think it would be beautiful,
To pass on in her embrace.

But far I am from parents dear,
And it causes me great pain,
That unless an afterlife exists,
I would not see them again.

So I would give them both a heartfelt call,
To remind them I hold them dear,
That though there’s change in all we see,
My love is strong and pure and clear.

And then I would message no one else,
If I had twenty minutes left to live,
And if they thought I was wrong in this,
I can only pray that they would forgive.

Forgive that I would truly want
To die quiet and alone,
For memories of me in death
Are memories I would postpone.

If I had twenty minutes left of life,
I would lay down as if to sleep,
I would play some music, calm and sweet,
And tap my fingers to the beat.

I would try to keep my mind from racing
Towards the panic of the unknown,
And instead think of philosophy,
Of the universe and of home.

Though fear is something I would feel,
Something that would taint my thoughts,
I would be thankful for my time on Earth
no matter that it was short.

I would give thanks for the joys I’ve felt,
for all the miseries and the pain,
But I would pray to have a chance,
To reach the skies again.

Oh to Edinburgh I would pray,
That you’d keep my body safe with you,
Until I could be taken back,
Back to the London I left for you.

Finally I would pray to God on high,
That I would not truly die alone,
That as my eyes close one more time,
That He would lead me from the known.

With my final seconds ticking by,
I know there would be nothing left to give,
But still I would try to stay awake,
I would have those seconds lived.

Copyright 24/01/2015 by Chanel Martin Ramirez. All rights reserved.